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    The NFL stands for the National Football League, which was created in 1920 originally under the name of the American Professional Football Conference, which was changed to the NFL in 1922.


    There are 32 teams belonging to the NFL and they are split with 16 teams belonging to the American Football Conference (AFC) and 16 belonging to the National Football Conference (NFC). There is a playoff schedule at the end of the season to determine a winner from each conference. The conference winners pay each other in the Super Bowl to determine who the champion is for the season.


    The NFL is run by a commissioner, who oversees all of the teams within the league and acts as a governing body. The commissioner can meet with team owners to discuss changes in policy for the NFL in terms of new rules, the scheduling and the rules regarding the players. The commissioner can also hand down punishment for teams, players and coaches who break the rules.


    The NFL oversees the teams throughout the NFL draft, the practice season, preseason and the regular and playoff season. The commissioner runs the draft, which is where players from colleges and universities (sometimes even high school) have declared they want to play for the NFL. The teams take turns, starting with the one with the worst record of the previous season and going towards the best, and draft players one at a time to join their team. Not every player who is drafted will end up signing a contract to join the team. Each NFL team can have 53 players on the roster once the official season starts, but only 46 of them are tagged as eligible to play during that game.


    During the preseason, coaches can carry more men on the roster and evaluate talent in training and preseason games, but there is a deadline of when they have to make cuts and trim the roster down to 53 people. They are also allowed to have a separate practice squad made up of signed players that get to practice with the team, but don’t ever play in games unless they switch rosters with a shuffle of players. Check out the NFL playsoffs schedule and do not miss any game. The preseason or exhibition schedule is four games for each team, with matchups between in-conference and out of conference teams.


    These games don’t necessarily have the stars players in them as they are auditioning new talent and seeing which players will make the official 53 man rosters. The regular NFL season is 17 weeks long, however each team is given a bye week during the season where they do not have a game. Each team has 16 games on their schedule and the 12 teams with the best record head in to a single elimination NFL playoffs schedule to determine the winner of each conference. The Super Bowl is played on the first Sunday in February to determine a champion for the league. The Super Bowl is in a different city each year, which is determined several years in advance by a selection committee.


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