Monday’s MLB playoff action includes 3 elimination games.


The Red Sox avoided elimination on Sunday against the Astros with a well-pitched game that became a rout in the later innings. The Yankees only scored one run in their own elimination game, but it was enough to force a Game 4 on Monday against the Indians.


The Red Sox could be seeing a lot of Carlos Correa and the Astros


With the Cubs already losing to the Nationals on Saturday thanks to Bryce Harper, we’ve gone from wondering if every Division Series round would end in a sweep to only one of them still having that opportunity. And the extension of the two American League iterations of the DS means we’ve got four games on Monday, three of them elimination contests.


Here is the schedule:

At 1 p.m. ET, the Red Sox will once again try to avoid going home against the Astros. This time it will be Rick Porcello taking the mound, and while he won the AL Cy Young a year ago, in 2017, he’s had trouble keeping the ball down. Combine that unfortunate tendency with the rise in homers across the league (likely due to a changed ball), and, well, Porcello could be in trouble against the Astros’ potent, homer-happy offense. He’ll take on Charlie Morton, who has evolved into a strikeout artist rather than a pitcher reliant on his defense and balls in play.uncomfortable depths, or Canelo sticking and moving and picking Chavez apart.

Then, at 4 p.m. ET, the Nationals and Cubs see who can take the next series lead. Max Scherzer, who missed Game 1 and Game 2 due to a hamstring injury, will attempt to thwart the Cubs and midseason acquisition Jose Quintana.

The Indians will try one more time to send the Yankees packing at 7 p.m. ET, with Trevor Bauer, who starred in Game 1, going on short rest against Luis Severino, who was knocked out of the AL Wild Card Game after earning just one out. Severino will likely be better this time unless adrenaline ruins his command once again, but will Bauer be able to replicate his Game 1 magic? We’ve had a high-scoring game and a low-scoring game, with Game 1 somewhere in between. Who knows what Game 4 has in store for us, but we’ll be watching.

Last, we’ve got the Diamondbacks at 10 p.m. ET trying to avoid being the only team to be swept in the Division Series round when Zack Greinke takes on his former team and Yu Darvish. Los Angeles has had two convincing wins against Arizona so far after losing the season series to them, and each W puts the memories of a rough September a little further behind.


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